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2nd December 2020, 8pm UK time / 3rd December, 7am Sydney, time



ILAG Chair Alan Paterson welcomes the audience and hands over to the Rebecca Sandefur (ASU, ABF, Editor Law and Society Review) as moderator to introduce Roger Smith, the keynote speaker. 



Roger Smith in a presemts (pre-recorded) his paper entitled "COVID 19, Technology & Legal Aid - Sharing Global Experience to Improve Access to Justice", a copy of which can be downloaded here.



Four panellists will discuss the paper for seven minutes each in the following order –  Diogo Esteves (Brazil, Public Defenders Office), Claire Carlton-Hanciles (CEO, Legal Aid Board, Sierra Leone) (pre-recorded), Anika Holterhof (UNODC) and John Boersig (CEO, ACT Legal Aid). 



Discussion by panellists and audience members conducted by moderator.  



Wrap up from Alan Paterson. Link and lead up to LAG Conference in June 2021.