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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Hongyao Wu

Professor Wu is an outstanding senior professor of criminal procedure law and Chinese expert of legal aid research. He is one of the consultant researchers of Institute of Procuratorial Theory of the Supreme People's Procuratorate and one of the first ten station-researchers of the Supreme People's Court. He is also an adjunct professor of National Prosecutors College of P.R.C.

Professor Wu studied philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy, Zhengzhou University (1992-1996) and criminal procedure law at the Post-graduate School, CUPL for his Masterʼs degree and Ph.D. degree (1996-1999, 1999-2002). Since 2002, as a full-time researcher at CUPL, he teaches and researches in the fields of criminal procedure law, evidence and criminal justice, with particular emphasis on philosophical, comparative and international perspectives. In the following years, as an elemental member, he joined several legislating activities of legal drafts, e.g. the draft of Uniform Evidence Law led by Prof. Wei Jiang in 2004; Model Code of Criminal Procedure law led by Prof. Weidong Chen in 2005; the Revision of Organic Law of the People’s Courts of the People’s Republic of China led by Prof. Chongyi Fan in 2005; the Expert Draft for Re-amendment to Criminal Procedural Law led by Prof. Guangzhong Chen in 2006. Now, he is also the Executive Chief Editor of Zhong Guo Su Song Fa Pan Jie (Journal of Procedural Law Cases), and Associate Chief-editor of Su Song Fa Xue Yan Jiu (Chinese Journal of Procedural Law).

In 2012, working with Mr. Lihua Tong, China’s Public Interest Law Leader, and professor Yongzhong Gu, an outstanding professor of law and criminal defense counsel, he founded the Criminal Legal Aid Research Center at CUPL. Besides running a consultation service hotline, a criminal legal aid website and representing some typical cases, the Criminal Legal Aid Researcher Center focuses on the policy and practice of the Procedure for Review of Death Sentences in the People’s Supreme Court of China. Two main projects of the Center was finished in past years: One is the Innocence Project which is the first legal aid project for indigent prisoners of murder cases in China. Another is the research on the Legal Aid System of Death Penalty Cases reviewed by the People’s Supreme Court.

19th January, 2018, National Institute of Legal Aid was established with the support of China University of Political Science and Law and MOJ and Professor Wu was appointed as the first dean of NILI. As the first think-tank institute on legal aid in China, NILA is committed to strengthen the academic research on basic theories, legislation policy and implementation problems, aiming at providing a solid theoretical foundation for the long-term development of legal aid system in China. Now, NILA is working closely with the Legal Aid Agency and National Legal Aid Center, the Ministry of Justice of China on the draft of the on-coming Legal Aid Law.